Have a look at all the features

Version 6.0.23 ( April 2nd, 2013)

Bugfix: Deskcalc settings save issues with some Windows8 and Windows7 installations

New: Print checkstrip (tape) without showing the printer settings dialog 

direct print

New: The printer settings remembers the last selected printer. That enables the direct print function.

direct print

DeskCalc comes with optional key sound effects. Open the settings window and enable "Enable Sound Effects"

 CAlculator with keystroke sound effects

But DeskCalc has one more interesting new feature: it can speak.This has large benefit if you are used to crunch your numbers while reading your notes etc. - you will hear the numbers while typing them.

New Version 6.0.19

DeskCalc now supports Bank of Canada exchange rates as an alternative to the currently used European Central Bank rates. Here is how you can select your prefered exchange rates source:

1) Click the currency converter properties:

 Bank of Canada - Currency Converter


Version 6.0.17

- Small calculator window for Windows with large system fonts, or with low desktop resolution

Small Desktop Calculator for Windows 

- Choose whatever color you like to see, if DeskCalc loses the keyboard input focus 

Calculator always on top 

New Version 6.0.16 

1) Ever larger screen resolutions make it necessary to have larger text in the calculation tape.  

change font size 

2) Kroation language updated for DeskCalc 6


At the present we have the following tape/checkstrip export options: Excel, Word, Clipboard, send as eMail and Postit. Because of some requests we added one more: save checkstrip as graphic-file.

Width resizing 

Previously DeskCalc was limited to vertical window size resizing, but version 6 finally allows you to change the width as well.

Width resizing